What You Need to Know About Water Pills

Water Pills. Where do I even start? Let’s put it this way, by the time you’re done reading this, you won’t have to wonder about how we feel about water pills here at bestappetitesuppressantforwomen.org. I know water pills can be tempting. Rapid weight loss with no lifestyle changes. But the truth is, they can be dangerous, and the weight you may lose is nothing to get excited about.

Water Pill = Diuretic

Despite how the name sounds, a water pill does not contain water, it gets rid of it. Water pills are essentially just diuretics. They are a combination of herbs or drugs that focus on your kidneys to force your body to excrete water.

There are three different kinds of water pills. Thiazides increase the blood flow to the kidneys, forcing them to work harder and excrete more water. Loop diuretics work by increasing the rate at which your kidneys filter out waste and also inhibit the reabsorption of sodium. The third kind of diuretic is potassium-sparing. They are designed to make your body retain more potassium and excrete more sodium. Many water pills are a blend of the different kinds.

Water Pill Weight Loss

Water pills will cause some weight loss, and they will do so quickly. However, all weight lost from water pills is just water weight. Water pills force your body to excrete water, and since your body is 60% water, there is plenty of water to flush out. But water pills cannot get you lasting results, because as soon as you rehydrate the weight comes right back. If you are trying to lose weight and having trouble, you want a pill that burn fat instead of excreting water. Click here for information on burning fat and suggestions on diet pills.

The Dangers of Using Water Pills for Weight Loss

Your body is 60% water. Your body needs water to function properly and keep all the systems running. So you can see how dangerous it can be to deprive your body of water. Some may find it tempting to use water pills to lose weight, and then continue to use water pills to keep the weight off. But this can be extremely dangerous and cause some serious health problems, including system failures. Your brain is 70% water, your blood is 83% water, and your lungs are even up to 90% water! Take a moment and just consider how depriving your body of necessary water might affect those incredibly vital systems!

Side effects of using water pills range from moderate to serious to even fatal. Plenty of the side effects of water pills mirror the symptoms of dehydration – which makes sense, because using water pills does dehydrate your body. Side effects may include thirst, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, muscle weakness, muscle cramping, cloudy thinking, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, imbalance of electrolytes, kidney failure, and other failure of vital organs.

Do Water Pills Have Any Value?

If water pills are so dangerous, then why do they even make them? Water pills are most dangerous when they are used for weight loss purposes, and used without doctor supervision. There are certain times when water pill use is recommended, but these reasons are always medical. For instance, a doctor may prescribe water pills to medicate excessive swelling or edema, high blood pressure, or to remove poisonous toxins from the body. You should not self-medicate with water pills, and you should definitely not use water pills just to lose weight.

Other Weight Loss Options

Water pills are much too dangerous to be worth the temporary results. There are definitely better ways to lose weight. If you’d like to use pills to supplement your current weight loss efforts, then consider a reputable diet pill or appetite suppressant. Apidexin is extremely safe and extremely effective. All of Apidexin’s ingredients are clinically proven for weight loss. Another good option is Adapexin-P.  For more suggestions on reputable diet pills that will help to yield safe, and lasting results, see our list of top rated appetite suppressants.

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